Is it still pre-Christmas? I don't know.
Am I jumping the gun with the festivities right now? I don't know.
Well, I love my apartment right now. I made a crap load of paper chains, and we put a bunch of light up, and we put pinecones in our kerr jars...it's great. It's a really nice place to be. I'm glad I feel that way about my apartment finally.

Here's some test Christmas card....or just a nice background for myself. And how can I forget the dreaded "Holiday Robot" assignment from commercial 2? Had to include him somehow!


Catherine Newman said...

Anna! Love the pictures and the decorations! My roommates and I decorated our apartment about a month ago, so we could enjoy the decorations longer. Definitely could not be jumping the gun more than that. :)

Amanda Allen said...

I don't think I even have my robot from commercial art anymore. ha.