Pre-Digital Cleanse

The Digital Cleanse. Do I believe I can do it?

We'll see. But I've got a day left to canoodle as much as I want on the inter-web until I test my will power and see if I can avoid lusting after the one and only world wide web. And be text-free.

In the mean time, I will start compiling my best of lists (BECAUSE I CAN'T GET ENOUGH OF THEM AS IT IS), and browse through enough TIME pictures of the year and Comcast's pictures from the "Decade from Hell" (TIME, try to be optimistic. Just try. For my sake.) to make me bawl for the next 2.5 hours. But it's about time I got around to doing an i like you inspired post.

You are my missed connection. I see you everywhere. You see me everywhere. I still haven’t said, “Hi, I’m Anna.” BUT NEITHER HAVE YOU. I know myself well enough to say that will probably stay the same.

You bug the crap out of me. But I still want to be your friend because I’m shallow and superficial. You feel the same about me, right? Right.

Sometimes I want to smack you because of some of the crap you say. You manage to always correct me when I am at fault. You truncate every conversation. You zone out. You are a wee bit insensitive. You might be the best thing that’s ever happened to me.

You are, HANDS DOWN, the most awkward person I have ever met. I swear you are awkward on purpose. Just to make me feel foolish and consequently squirmy AND awkward. But I’m weirdly attracted to you. Probably because you’re mildly attracted to me, which, is good enough reason, I guess, even though you weird me out so much that it makes me SO UNATTRACTED TO YOU.

You’re too good for me. We both know it, yet you still pretend that you like me. It’s cute, I guess.

I AM going to allow myself to have Flickr. It's not technically a social networking website. Right? Right.

, originally uploaded by mynameisanna.

And this picture makes sense with this post, RIGHT?!!?



katrina said...

wow kudos to you.

im all for it.

deleting facebook was amazing for me.


i kid you not, im such a happier person.

stupid, but so true.

ps if you want to drive to california and sing at my lil wedding bash, please do. hahaha

Leanne said...

Wow, a digital cleanse? That sounds like a really good idea, I may just have to take part in it :).

meishamarie said...

Anna! ANNA! THE RED LIPSTICK!!! I think our beautiful faces were just meant for red lipstick!


Come back to Logan. I miss you!