good, great, awesome

Oh, the magic of Temple Square. After a few fake proposals, and seeing some real ones, I snapped some shots of the one and only event that seems to be a favorite date activity. A big, fat, haze-filled cloud was sitting on the valley, so, we had to endure through a mildly scary drive home, but it made the air multi-colored....absolutely magical.

I was experiencing a lot of camera difficulties....a lot...so I didn't get as many shots as I wanted, but it is what it is.

I also got to take family photos of my neighbors. I like them a lot. The family, I mean.

I get to take al pal's next week. I'm buh-cited.
I Met the Walrus. Legit. For Real. No Kidding. Das Rite. Mmm Hmm.
It really is a cool video so watch it.


Catherine Newman said...

Beautiful pictures, Anna, as usual. Love it.

Emily Anne said...

I love the pictures! Your blog is way too cute. :)