Stop, originally uploaded by mynameisanna.
After an energizing sleep of a whopping 14 hours last night, I got up early (earlier than usual...so like 8. It's winter break....cut me some slack), and took a walk with my beloved nikon and the pooch. She's beloved, too. It wasn't very long because of the cold (and mind you, I can bear the cold more than the average person), but I did get some shots that compensate for my frozen fingers. Or at least made me remember how marvelous mornings are. I like this photo.

I also love how pretty frost is. And bokeh. And square formats. And my friends for replenishing my ipod this weekend. I am roadtrip ready.

And yes, I did fall asleep at 6 last night. I'm pathetic.


Anne. said...

Lovely photos! I love bokeh, too. :]

Carli said...

haha way to be Anna, I like the pictures you take.