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Today was a good day. Sometimes Sunday afternoons really, really get me down...and I don't know why or what it is, but it just can be the most bleh period where I feel so useless and pathetic, but today was not like that. I had a good time in church. Sometimes, more often than not, that can be hard for me to like all parts of church. It was a testimony meeting, which are ten times better in a student ward. But I think something that I did different today than most other days, including Sundays, was that I complimented more people than usual. Nothing huge or drastic, but I just told more people what I was honestly thinking (and I'm happy that today had a lot of positive thoughts).
There's a quote that my mom has on our fridge that says "An unspoken compliment is a shameful act of pride."
I've always tried to take that quote and really apply it to my life.
I have a friend that opened up my eyes to the "art" of complimenting. She would always point out a person with great hair in the hallways, or how cool someone's speaking voice was, or how pretty some girl was. I'd never seen someone so openly express what they thought of other people. This really changed how I started to view people, especially strangers.
I started writing down nice things people say about myself, which may sound conceited, but I too often forget those things and get too hard on myself. It's nice to look at entries in my journal that say, "so-and-so said I looked pretty today," or "so-and-so said he liked my smile." and so on. When I get in those moods that just put me in a funk, it's so helpful to have these kinds of things available for me a pick-me-up.

You should watch this video as well...
Stephen Wiltshire is the "Human Camera." He does panoramic drawings of cityscapes after seeing it once. He is so precise...he drew the exact number of columns on the Parthenon.

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meishamarie said...

Awwww, Anna I love you! And I love your hair. And your clothes. And your face. And you are just epically amazing.