Greg & Aimee Wedding

really old...i know. but i was going through my hard drive and decided to share a few of my favorite photos....this was my first wedding, so go easy on me.

I can't get enough of the photo of Greg and his head in the microphone.
If I'm remembering right, he said something along the lines of...."Aimee is a huge part of my life, and I know that she's just going to get huger the older we--" and then everyone laughs and remembers that Greg's so darn cute that he doesn't mean it THAT way of course!


Anonymous said...


Your first wedding photo of Greg and Aimee "in the crowd" is the BEST wedding image I have ever seen! When a single image creates an emotional response with a complete stranger, you as the photographer have truly succeded!! Your vision is impeccable, your style is unique, and you bring heart & soul back to imagemaking. THANK YOU!

dj photografix

Mandy said...

You did SUCH a good job! I am so impressed!
And I love her ring...

Ashley Benjamin said...

Anna! This really is amazing! You are so talented!