Paige + Kevin

This is my dear, dear childhood BFF Paige. She's getting married in May and I am just so happy for her and Kevin. Marriage is wonderful and I know Paige will be a wonderful wife.

There's always a sense of protection that you automatically feel when your best friends are getting married, even though they're their own person. This whole shoot gave me this wonderful feeling of peace and confidence in these two and their relationship. There were so many little things that Kevin did that made it so evident that he loves Paige and he loves her dearly. And I love seeing people fall in love with the friends that I love.

Sniff. I just love Paige and I can't wait to see her tie the knot. Happy wedding, dearest Paige and Kevin!


Angel + Abbey engagements

Abbey and Angel. I love when a couple is warm and inviting with me--it makes sense that they'll treat each other well, too. I can tell that they have a love that is kind, thoughtful and solid. In honor of their fall wedding today in October, we shot some photos in an apple orchard.

Congratulations, you two! It's going to be a beautiful day!


Jordan & Laura Engagements


Jordan and Laura. What a wonderful, easy-going and iiiiin love couple. Jordan is one of my dearest friends from high school with an electric personality and one who's always going to make you smile. He found a wonderful girl with poise, beauty and a real look in her eye that she likes this guy.

Congratulations dearest Jordan and Laura! Marriage is the best--you're going to love it.